About Us

Bangkok Brunch Blog – A Few Words About Us

Bangkok Brunch Blog (BBB) is created by two Brunchsters who love to explore new and exciting places forbreakfast, brunch and coffee in Bangkok. We started this off as a list of go-to places for our friends visiting from abroad. The list started to grow and so we thought why not write a blog about it, sharing is caring after all.

Our interpretation of brunch is somewhat different to the Thai local’s standard. The sort of things that people call “brunch” here often mean something entirely different to us. Because none of that pastas and all day diner non-sense actually count! We aim to review places that serve real solid hearty egg-centric dishes. After all this is one of the little something special we look forward to over the weekends!

Our usual weekend ritual consist of a nice brunch followed by a second coffee somewhere else. This is why we throw in another section on Coffee. We love lifestyle cafes and places that serve proper barista coffees. Our aim is to review as many new and interesting brunch spots in Bangkok as possible, covering a la carte as well as hotel brunches. And we really hope that you too will be able to enjoy the little things in life that is Brunch. We’ve done all the hard work in research so that you won’t have to!

BBB Team

Chris – A Serial Entrepreneur based in Bangkok. A globe trotter, a digital nomad and Instagram Celebrity in his own rights. Chris takes his brunch and photography pretty seriously. A big Swiss guy with an even bigger appetite, you can be sure he focuses on quality just as well as quantity.

Kay – A Bangkok born Thai who grew up in UK. She is rather experimental when it comes food and would eat literally just about anything. A small Thai girl with a big fuzzy heart, she has a soft spot for cozy cafes and anything that has anything to do with cats.