Coffee Quality
  • Very good coffee
  • Try the chocolate tart
  • Stable & fast wifi
  • The kitchen is quite slow
  • Few plugs
4.2Overall Score
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Why you should get there

D’Ark is serious about coffee and if you are looking for either a cold-drip, a barista-made espresso, or anything in between, this is your place. D’Ark is situated at Piman 49 at Sukhumvit Soi 49, opposite the famous (and hyped) Rocket Cafe and The Hive co-working space. You can have decent brunch (and lunch) there, too, but as the place is more famous for it’s coffee-brewing skills, we’re listing it in this category.


Main cafe area of D’Ark

Big bar table in the middle of the room

Big bar table in the middle of the room

What makes D’Ark special

It’s one of these exposed light-bulbs stylish places that seem to pop up throughout Bangkok, but it doesn’t get old (yet). It’s a place that has many seating options, from sofas, a large bar table with bar stools, normal tables and chairs, an outdoor seating area with low and high tables, and even a sofa corner on the second floor overlooking the main cafe area. The space all-in-all is very instagrammable, the coffee is great, and the food is good.

D'Ark coffee counter

D’Ark coffee counter

What to order

We’ve opted for our regular hot late and added some breakfast option and a chocolate tart. The food took quite a while to arrive (except the tart), but it was worth the wait: The portion was decent and the ingredients well-selected. The coffee is balanced, well-brewed and of single origin beans; D’Ark roasts in-house and they know what they’re doing.

Spanish breakfast option

Spanish breakfast option

Yum chocolate tark, goes well with a hot latte

Yum chocolate tark, goes well with a hot latte

Great latte

Great latte


A stylish place at Soi 49 in Bangkok and a competitive alternative to Roast. The excellent coffee and the free wifi for two hours make it a viable alternative to working at Hive.

For more impressions of D’Ark Sukhumvit 49, visit our gallery below:



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