rustic interior

Kai New Zealand

Proper Brunch Kiwi Style We've always had very fond memories of our trip to New Zealand. Other than the very cute sheep shearing demonstration, their hearty and healthy brunch culture is certainly one of the t...
beautiful walkway

The Gardens at Dinsor Palace

Fancy Brunch in a Palace Fancy a brunch inside an original converted palace anyone? Yes you heard that right. The Gardens at Dinsor Palace is not just a name but it is situated inside an actual palace belongin...
Entrance area with kitchen


Out of Town Sunday Brunch Sunday is always a good excuse for us to venture a little further out of the city to explore new brunch places as traffic is usually not that bad. This time we visited this very insta...


Compact but Cozy Dandelion is situated on the main Sukhumvit Road between Soi 49 and 51. The small dark facade is fashioned in a western style reminiscent of an English bakery shop front windows. The space ...